Thursday, 29 April 2010

2 interesting interviews

i'm sure you all know that i'm a big fan of kathryn ryan, particularly in terms of the interviews she is doing on areas of interest to women. this week there were two interviews on nine to noon which, if you haven't caught up with, i'd strongly recommend listening to.

the first is an interview this morning (10.10am) with catherine healy, head of the prostitutes collective, on the effects of decriminilisation. i didn't manage to catch the whole thing myself due to being busy at work, but did get the tail end of it where she was talking about it not being a good idea to open a brothel opposite a school, because of the community unease (paraphrasing here) it would cause. but there was a whole heap of interesting issues raised.

the second is this interview on tuesday (9.20am) with dr linda papadopoulos about her recommendations to the british government to deal with what she calls the "pornification" of society and it's effect on children. since i'm short of time, i've only managed to do a quick google search which doesn't give a link to the original report - but shows that people are really interested in the subject and have a lot to say about it! but if anyone does have a bit of time and can find a link to the report, i'd appreciate if you put it into the comments.

ETA: i've found the link here.

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Julie said...

I heard the middle part of the interview with Catherine Healey and also strongly recommend it. She had an interesting story to tell about how she ended up working for the NZPC, and the significant (positive) change in sex work since legalisation. It must be some of the hardest union-type work in the country and I have a lot of respect for both Catherine and the NZPC.