Sunday, 10 May 2009

Celebrating Mother's Day

I've had a lovely Mother's Day. My daughters brought me a little vase of flowers picked from our garden, juice, coffee and home made cards, and I spent most of the morning in bed. Later on, I called my own lovely mother. Eventually, I got out of bed, and carried on with the usual Sunday routine - helping my younger daughters to wash their hair, making some bread for lunch, puddling through some washing and some baking. It has been a very relaxing and enjoyable family day.

As a mother yourself, or as a daughter or son, what have you done for Mother's Day?


katy said...

Hmmm. Woke late, went to work and spent remainder of day there preparing for next week, came home, made dinner.

Glad you had a lovely-sounding day :)

Anonymous said...

I got breakfast in bed and got to lie in until after 10am!! My partner helped with some of the housework which was the best.present.ever. I took myself out for lunch. Then back to the normal routine

Anna said...

Deborah, my day was very similar to yours, and very enjoyable. It's up to the family whether they do anything or not, but we don't do presents at my insistence - my daughter likes to make cards, which is fine. We de-emphasise the buying stuff aspects of both Mothers' and Fathers' day, and concentrate on saying thanks to mum/dad for their work and love instead.

A Nonny Moose said...

I have a philosophy that extends to Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentines and any other Hallmark Holiday - if you can't say I Love You or do something nice for mum/dad/partner/friends/family at any other time of the year, I don't want to hear about it on a cheesey holiday.

I've been in the advertising industry WAY too long.

My mum DID get a card, pressie and phone call tho :) I'm not a complete ogre. But she understands my philosophy.

stephen said...

My mother died some years ago, so it's a day that passes me by. Mum, a staunch old-school feminist, always reckoned that singling out one day devalued the others anyway.

But I did text my ex, because I'm a gentleman.

Stephanie said...

We ended up postponing mother's day until next weekend on account that

1) Mum was out of town
2) Child was with her real mum that weekend.

Yah for being a gentleman Stephen!