Wednesday, 9 September 2009

cotton on have backed off

well it turns out that "neuroses" can be very effective sometimes. remember the "cotton on" kids clothing range that put sexually inappropriate messages on t-shirts for babies? well, apparently they have decided to withdraw the range as a result of public pressure:

Last week Cotton On apologised to Australian consumers and stated that the company "recognised that certain references are not appropriate, and will sincerely endeavour to not cross these lines again."

The promise by Cotton On to stop the sale and production of the t-shirts in Australia was also accompanied by a commitment to "review the ongoing slogans range to ensure no reference is made to categories pertaining to sexually explicit behaviour, child abuse, drugs and profanity''.

the campaign against "cotton on" includes the national council of women, zonta wellington, the association of presbytarian women, the nz federation of women's institutes, the nz federation of business and professional women, the national executive of the federation of graduate women, the north shore women's centre, the working women's resource centre, the eating difficulties education network, visionnetwork, the women's studies association of nz, and i'm sure there are plenty more.

it's good to know that this campaign will be continuing another another name. from the NCW press release:

“We will be rebranding the campaign to ‘Boycott the Sexualisation of Childhood’ and will continue to shed light on this issue; an issue which is of significant concern to the Council,” concludes Elizabeth Bang.

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