Friday, 20 November 2009

ms bennett pulls up the ladder even further

ok this really pisses me off:

“The [Community Max] scheme is designed to provide work experience and greater opportunities for young people on the unemployment and independent youth benefits but 16 to 24-year-olds on the Domestic Purposes Benefit are being excluded from taking part and working themselves off the benefit,” Carmel Sepuloni said.

“The policy barring young mothers from participating in the scheme is illogical and discriminatory. Young mothers on the DPB should be entitled to the same opportunities as other young people.

“I know of at least one case where an intelligent and eager-to-work young mother wasn’t able to fill a position for which she was the first choice, as it was subsidised by the Community Max programme."

i can't think of anything coherent to say, other than the fact that i'm glad carmel is taking this to the human rights commission. combine this with the cut in the training incentive allowance for those on the DPB, and it looks like this government is actually wanting increased dependence on the state for longer periods of time. i can't think of any other rationale for these policies.


A Nonny Moose said...

I hate conspiracy theories, but since I'm baffled by the rationale too:

- If the govt wants to cut back on immigration, who will be left to fill those lower paid jobs that "kiwis don't want"?
- higher unemployment means more power to the employer - lower pay, less rights for the job needy.
- As time goes on, more and more generations are educated, hence a thinking part of the work force, hence a participating voter force. Disempowering people's work and tax contribution disempowers their vote.

In conclusion: keep 'em stupid, they'll stay conservative to maintain what little they have.

My Mantra? "Only 2 more years, only 2 more years".

Anonymous said...

But in those two years people are going to be hurting. As a student mother at university I can tell you that mums on the dpb were already suffering before we got the news that there would be no training allowance for us next year. It was part of the everyday conversation to talk about how long you had before your power got cut off and the various sources you could get food parcels from.

We want better for our children. Which is why we will still be at university next year, without the training incentive allowance, getting more in debt, getting an education.

Although seeing as I'm going to be entering a female dominated field (teaching) I still won't be getting paid what I should...