Wednesday, 8 December 2010

it's more than unfortunate, it's criminal

i'm glad this sort of thing has led to a conviction, though i would have thought it deserved a bigger penalty:

The man, who has permanent name suppression, used a laptop webcam and cellphone camera to make intimate recordings of his wife.

His antics ended only when his wife found a video camera, hidden under a towel, filming her in the bath.

The 39-year-old was ordered to pay $200 reparation when he appeared for sentencing in the Hamilton District Court yesterday.

Judge Peter Spiller said the facts of the case were "very unfortunate" and declined an application to discharge the man without conviction on the charges of making and possessing an intimate visual recording.

this man got permanent name suppression, though it's hard to argue against that when making his name public would also result in unfair publicity for the woman who was filmed without consent. also, the convicted man put up one of the weakest defences i've seen, claiming that his actions would somehow help a troubled marriage. oh yes, what a way to win your wife's trust.

still, on the positive side, a lack of victim blaming and a recognition that this kind of action is abusive and criminal.


Anonymous said...

Victim blaming is the norm in NZ, these days, it's commonplace. Yes, made my blood boil too, but then we have too many left wing judges in place, and this is the outcome. Slap on the hand with less than a wet bus ticket.

stargazer said...

anon, please be aware that we don't allow anonymous comments - as mentioned in the paragraphs above the comments box. i will allow this comment to stand, but please use a consinstent handle for any future comments.

as to the sentence, i'm not one to beat the drum for harsher sentences. a higher fine may have been good, but we don't know what this person's income level is so i wouldn't even want to make that comment.