Friday, 28 October 2011

Pro-choice Postings Week - Index

Today the 2010 abortion statistics for Aotearoa New Zealand will be released.  They usually get released in June, for the previous calendar year, but due to the Christchurch earthquakes this year they were delayed.

Often there can be a bit of a flurry of abortion-related posting around the release of the stats.  We thought we might make that explicit, by having a week of abortion-related posts by bloggers here, and featuring a number of guest-posts too;  hence Pro-Choice Postings Week.

The theme is really just to be pro-choice.  We'll consider as a guest post any pro-choice submission (not necessarily a blog post, e.g. pictures, art, cupcakes) by anyone who would qualify for our NZ Women Bloggers blog-roll.  This means any woman either in Aotearoa New Zealand or writing about our country from overseas (e.g. expats).

I know Maia's promised a few posts, and I'll be contributing some too.  The other bloggers may or may not contribute according to their own Reasons.  I've got a couple of guesties promised (hint hint hint to those wonderful women!) and hopefully more will surface now that this is out there in the world.

If you want to cross-post or make a submission please just email us on, we'd love to hear from you.  This post will act as an index for the week, so do check back to this page from time to time to see any new additions.  Also happy to add links to relevant posts elsewhere too that go up over the course of the week.

In chronological order, earliest at top:

Dr Morgan Healey - Auspicious 'Abortion Statistics Day'
Maia - The Limits of Abortion as a Health Issue
Scuba Nurse - Your morality is in the way of my rights 

Julie - Fetus fetish
Julie - Quickie:  2010 Abortion stats out 

Maia - On thinking...

La Ranita - Let's have a look at those statistics 
Luddite Journo - Abortion and the feminist club

pohutu - Abortion as an Act of Love
anjum - talking to pregnancy counselling services
Julie - On being a pro-choice mother

smkreig - Why minors deserve a choice as well
Maia - What does it mean to be pro-choice and support disability rights?
Luddite Journo - Abortion and politics
AnneE - Twisted logic

Maia - Pro-choice means opposing welfare 'reform'
Julie - Improving the law and access for abortion

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