The Hand Mirror is a feminist team blog featuring feminists who are either based in Aotearoa New Zealand or identify as from here. We are generally left of centre, some more than others, and progressive-thinking.

We started up in March 2008 and have racked up over 2500 posts and umpteen comments in that time. The Hand Mirror has pretty consistently been in the top 20 of the Tumeke blogosphere rankings, for NZ political blogs, since June 2008.

We write on a vast range of topics, and some of us have a mild obsession with cupcakes. 

One of our aims is to encourage and promote women bloggers, primarily those who identify as from Aotearoa New Zealand, and not just those writing specifically within political blogs. For this reason we maintain a blog-roll that lists all the blogs we can find featuring NZ women (more info on that here).

There is no policy on the gender of The Hand Mirror bloggers or guest posters. The gender of a blogger or guest poster will not in itself be grounds for rejecting them or their posts. However, the background they are writing from, and whether they have personally experienced gender-based oppression may be taken into account.

At the current time, the following writers are contributing to The Hand Mirror, with varying regularity:
Where another blog is listed after the writer's name, they may be mainly cross-posting here at The Hand Mirror from their own blog.

We've also had a few bloggers come and go, including Deborah, Anna and The ex-expat, and their posts are maintained in the archives with best wishes.   Plus we've hosted rather a lot of Guest Posts over the years, with no doubt more to come.

Last updated 5th September 2013.

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