Feminist blogs in NZ

This is a list of feminist blogs in Aotearoa New Zealand, as at June 2011. If there's something happening that you think might have a feminist / gender angle, then chances are that one of these wonderful women will be writing about it.

The Hand Mirror, a team blog with posts currently being contributed by anjum, Anne Else, Julie Fairey, katy, Scuba Nurse, anthea, Luddite Journo and Maia

Boganette, by Boganette

Capitalism Bad: Tree Pretty, by Maia

Elsewoman, by Anne Else

I am offended because..., by Ally

Ideologically Impure, by the Queen of Thorns

A Bee of a Certain Age, by Deborah

LadyNews, by Steph

Pickled Think, by Amanda

stargazer, by anjum

Craft is the New Black, by Megan

Well behaved women rarely make history, by Scuba Nurse

Luddite Journo, by ludditejourno

Tangerina, by ColeyTangerina

Rachel Hansen's blog, by Rachel Hansen

Octavia's Spitfire Emporium, by Octavia

come again?, by cjmax02

Of course, many other women in New Zealand write feminist posts from time to time, on craft blogs and on mummy blogs, on rural blogs and cooking blogs and gardening and fashion blogs and... all over the place. The list here is of currently active blogs that are primarily feminist in their focus.

Let us know if there are other blogs that should be included in this list. We'll try to update it from time to time, so that should you be looking for feminist comment on a particular issue, you can try these blogs for starters.

Check out our main blog roll (in the side bar) for women blogging in New Zealand, on anything and everything. Our main blog roll is where we promote the blogging of NZ women, regardless of subject matter or politics. If you identify as a woman, and you are writing a blog in New Zealand (or are a New Zealander overseas), let us know, and we will add you to the main blog roll.

You can also find feminist blog posts by New Zealand and Australian women at the Down Under Feminists Carnival, a monthly spotlight on feminist blogging from Aotearoa and Australia.