Our general blogroll is a list of all the blogs we can find that have NZ women writing on them, either on their own or as part of a team.

By “NZ women” we mean women who either openly identify as New Zealanders and are based in Aotearoa or overseas, or are immigrants to NZ from another country. There is no intention to list only feminists, or to label all of these bloggers feminist. The idea is to promote the blogging of NZ women, regardless of subject matter or politics. To this end please do let me know if your blog, or another you are aware of that meets the criteria, is missing and we will add it in.  Adding a comment to this page, with your URL, is an excellent way to bring your blog to our notice.

Most of these blogs have come to our attention through the blogrolls of others, through the Down Under Feminists Carnival, or through people contacting us directly to let us know of their blogging.

This portion of the blogroll was converted to a most recent post listing in January 2009. A few of the feeds may not be working properly - if your blog is one of those please get in touch so we can work out how to fix it.

Last updated 21st August 2010.