Sunday, 8 June 2008

Survey of NZ Political Bloggers & Readers

Andrew Cushen, a Masters student of Political Studies at Auckland, is writing his thesis on political blogging in Aotearoa NZ and needs some help from those of us in Blogland.

He's doing two anonymous online surveys - one for those who identify as political bloggers (takes about 20 minutes), and the other for those who read political blogs (takes no more than five minutes).

If you read The Hand Mirror you definitely qualify for the readers survey so please give it a go. I suspect that the demographics of the survey respondents will be rather firmly dominated by white male professionals who tend to the right politically, so it would be good to have your responses too.

It's interesting that someone has picked up on political blogging as a thesis topic. Cushen's research could be intriguing reading in a few years' time.

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