Tuesday, 19 August 2008

dare to be different

as an antidote to the "boobs on bikes" tomorrow, here's an image of a successful sportswoman who has the courage to stand out and be her own woman. i first saw a picture of her 18 months ago, when she won a race in the asian games. roqaya al-gassra will be an inspiration to muslim women around the world, as she won her heat of the 200m today.


Carol said...

Yes, that image of the sportswoman is a great antidote to the BoB images. I wouldn't ban BoB, don't object to public nudity, but dislike the kind of image it portrays of women.

Our response should be to try to get loads of alternative images out there. I'd put Valerie Vili up there too. I have a sneaking suspicion that she doesn't get as much celebratory coverage by our male dominated sports media as a more conventionally feminine (small blond etc) woman would for similar achievements.

And then we get this kind of coverage, claiming Willis as champion for poor under-dog white boys. (What the frak?!!!)


Anna said...

Bravo! It's so good to see an image of a Muslim woman which is celebratory and powerful - rather than oppressed or sinister-looking/'other'.

stargazer said...

as an update, she won her second heat as well late last night as well, so will now be in the semi-finals. brilliant achievement, and i so hope she'll get into the finals.

i have to say that the commentary from our presenters last night, on both of her races, was pathetic. totally flat and uninterested in her, as opposed to the excited and lively comments when a jamaican, american or pretty much anyone else is winning.

Unknown said...

I agree with carol, I don't like the way boobs on bikes portrays women. I think the pic you posted stargazer is a great antidote to it. I think the woman in the pic is far more beautiful than anyone in that parade because she is out there being energetic and going after her dreams. You've got to respect that!

Julie said...

Y'all may be interested in C.C's post about all the different shapes and sizes of women at the Olympics.