Thursday, 21 August 2008

Steve Crow: freedom fighter

Be honest, Steve. That's all I ask of you.

I don't approve of Boobs on Bikes. I think it makes a mockery of the women who participate, and makes the spectators, with their digital cameras and adolescent ogling, look like an undignified pack of clowns. I want to ask them, would you like to see your mother or sister treated by men in this way?

Still, none of this is what bothers me most. What irks me beyond all tolerance is your use of psuedo-feminist language to justify your grubby, exploitative greed.

I understand you organised Boobs on Bikes to defend women's right to bare our breasts in public. Feminism is redundant: we have Steve fighting for social justice. To be honest, I would have preferred the right to pay equity or the right to walk safely at night. But the right to show my tits to jeering dickheads is good too. Thanks, Steve.

I'm never going to have a huge amount of respect for you Steve, but I'd have more if you'd come out and say what Boobs on Bikes really is: a business venture whereby you make a buck out of other people's indignity. Don't add insult to injury by trying to sell the belittlement of women back to us as empowerment, as if we're fools.

Maybe, Steve, you should think on this quote from Michael Kimmel:

You think women's liberation and feminism entitles you to be sexual? Sure! Fine! But you still have to get us and make us the center of your universe. I ask you one question. Which gender do you think invented the thong?


Anonymous said...

great post Anna - you put it oh so well. I went in the protest yesterday - it was an interesting experience. It was awesome to walk alongside such great women and men. It was daunting to look down Queen St and see 1,000's of pepople lining the streets ready to shout and hurl abuse at us. It was a silent march - no chanting. I caught the eye of a middle-aged gentleman - dressed in a suit and asked him if his daughter was in the parade, 'Don't be disgusting' he replied. So perfectly fine for someone else's daughter to bare her breasts but not his own. I asked this question of several other men who avoided eye contact.

I asked an older women holding her husbands hand why she was there. "My husband wanted me to come" she said. I felt sorry for her.

During the march we had bottles of L&P thrown at us and cups of coke and ice. It was not pleasant but I am glad i went - if nothing else it was fascinating to see who came out to watch.

check out and let me know what you think!

stargazer said...

yes, freedom fighter indeed. here's an excerpt from an email denise ritchie sent out to gain support for the protest march:

This is not about breasts!!!!! Steve Crow is getting a massive injection of free advertising for his (self-proclaimed hard core) commercial interests that simulate rape, sexual violence, etc. Eg a text in a recent publication by Crow includes this statement (I've censored): "Your s***thole is mine to f**k b****h. And I'll f**k it so hard you won't be able to s**t for a month, you f**kpig".

explain to me how this empowers women?