Sunday, 1 March 2009

Pay Equity Faxathon - word spreads

Don't forget - Pay Equity Faxathon, March 6th!

I updated the Pay Equity Hub yesterday, with the new blog posts and media articles I've found.

Frustratingly the issue seems to be dying away, at least in part because the right are just not mentioning it at all. It's like it is such a no brainer that the programmes should be cut that there's next to no mainstream debate. Cleverly managed by the Government I guess; releasing it on a Friday, in the week before the Job Summit, and at the same time as announcing that pay increases for the state sector in general were off the table.

Maybe our pay equity faxathon might be an under-the-radar way to get it back on the agenda?

Thanks so much to the keen readers, Tamar and friends, who started up a Facebook event for the Faxathon. When I last checked 80 people had indicated they'd definitely participate. Please feel free to indicate your intentions, and invite your friends too. The more the merrier!

I've also had a few emails from people who haven't been able to get the fax template off the web (thanks again to Anita for the technical assistance), and I know that from my work's computers it doesn't work for some strange reason. Please email me, julie dot fairey at gmail dot com, if you can't download the PDF and I will send it back to you as an attachment. You might also want me to send you the PDF so that you can email it to others you think might be interested.

Tonight I'm going to fire some emails around various women's organisations I have addresses for to encourage them to spread the word too, and consider doing their own fax on Friday. I've been surprised at how far the idea has got out there already, but no harm in the saturation approach (I hope).

And if you want to do your own version of the fax then go for it!

Finally, I wrestled yesterday with my inner geek and managed to do a shiny sparkly Pay Equity Faxathon badge thingy for this blog. Hopefully it's coming up in all it's purply glitter glory on the top right of the sidebar. If you'd like to put this up on your blog email me as above and I'll send you the code back and we can talk through how to do it. I hope. I'll see if I can put it up on the Facebook event page too, but that may not work.

Is there any other support/information people need? Feel free to email me if you don't want to ask as a comment.

Thanks so much for the enthusiasm around this idea. Five sleeps to go!

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