Tuesday, 5 May 2009


From Stuff:

Who is NZ's hottest businesswoman?

Mind you, it is at least an equal opportunity *headdesk*. They're promising a poll on NZ's hottest businessman tomorrow.


H/T: Tom Semmens, in comments at In a Strange Land


T said...

I saw this and I was going to email it in. I cannot believe the stupidity. I just can't.

A Nonny Moose said...

I would have emailed it in too, but I KNEW it wouldn't slip by.

Sarcasm detector/Bingo Card on: come on guys, they're prefacing it by saying they'll do guys, AND it's a little light hearted fun. Geez, don't be so overly PC!

Yeah, my hawtness has EVERYTHING with how I've progressed in my career.

Anonymous said...

One guy said any women complaining were 'mingers' and then managed to also slip in "PC gone mad" and "nanny state" all in one comment! Triple wanker score!

Anonymous said...
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