Sunday, 11 July 2010

Pro-choice Blogging Round-up the Second

Last week I did one of these at The Standard, with a short post preceding it, and I figured it was timely to highlight the local pro-choice voices again. I've included the posts I mentioned at The Standard too, and grouped them by blog:

The Hand Mirror

Deborah outlines Chadwick’s proposal and some ways to let MPs know you support it, and more recently has written (and cross-posted) about keeping the arguments straight, and pointed us all in the direction of QoT's take-down of Chris Trotter (more on that further down). She also chose a particularly apposite Friday Feminist post last week.
Maia on the lies told about abortion law reform and why Chadwick’s bill must not be overcome by the icky response, plus the 24 week limit issue and a timely tribute to all those who have fought this fight before. Cross-posted at Capitalism Bad; Tree Pretty too.

In A Strange Land
Deborah considers the privilege of being able to not think about abortion, and has been doing some hard yards in the comments here and elswhere too, which I for one really appreciate.

No Right Turn
Idiot Savant thinks the people and the Parliament will pick choice if it ends up going to a vote.

Letters from Wetville
Sandra contributes a very thoughtful post looking at the issue through the prisms of grace and agency.

Ideologically Impure
Queen of Thorns has a number of characteristically muscular posts starting by saying about time, then looking at the misogyny of those who are against choice and commented thus on Dita De Boni's column, gets sarcastic about the "but it's got nothing to do with the fact you're a woman" argument, brings down Chris Trotter's hideous "I'm pro-choice but not now little laydeez" column, and most recently debunks the Women Are In Denial rubbish.

David Farrar reckons we have abortion on demand now, by default, and should therefore change the law to reflect that. (He may be wrong about the first bit, but he’s right about the second!)

B wrote about Amnesty International's anti-choice position just before the Chadwick news broke, and has since then contributed her own round-up of pro-choice posts, along with being very active in support of choice in various comment threads. She tells the tale of some bizarre mis-reading of sarcasm she encountered at NZ Conservative.

steph points out that we need to consider the high rate of sexual abuse of children when looking at access to abortion for those under 16.
Later she echoes Deborah's point about the privilege of not having to think about abortion, agrees with QoT about women not being mere vessels, examines the God Has A Plan argument against abortion, rebutts Chris Trotter's assertion that Now Is Not The Time, and points out Andy Moore doesn't know what the word satire means.

A little tune from my reverie contributes a signal-booster :-)

Tales of the Red Headed Devil Child
Nikki tells her own story of two unplanned pregnancies. Kindly comment with respect.

Keeping Mum
MSM blogger Dita de Boni largely considers the 24 week limit issue.

Still nothing up on the issue at the Labour (Red Alert) or Green (frogblog) MP blogs. Nor does there appear to be anything at the generally very dull National MPs blog.


Apologies to anyone I've missed, feel free to add your link in comments and I'll slot it in when I get a chance. My favourite bit of the debate so far is the person I was arguing with who called women "incubators" over in the comment thread at The Standard. Way to prove my point.

Also, just a reminder, any comment referring to women who terminate (or those who support that choice) as baby-killers, or murderers or words to that effect, will be deleted. I am relatively liberal about comments, although some of the other bloggers here are stricter and their calls stand too, and I for one will not be having that hate here.


Boganette said...

Fantastic round-up Julie! Thanks for your hard work in putting it all together. And thanks for including me :)

Deborah said...

Great round-up, Julie. I'm very grateful: it will save me some work when I put the Down Under Feminists Carnival together at the end of the month.

Julie said...

Thanks for the feedback, it always surprises me how long it takes to put round-ups together. They seem like a lazy-blogging option but in fact are not!

I might try to do another one in a week or so.

Nikki Elisabeth said...

Thanks for the link and the respect bit! xo