Friday, 18 March 2011

Three years of Hand Mirrorness

Today marks three years since The Hand Mirror launched

We've cracked two thousand posts, had over 500,000 hits (in fact closing in on 600,000) and I like to think we've had a bit of impact on the general NZ Pol blogosphere, by encouraging more women and more feminists to comment and have their own blogs.

Not bad for a three year old!

Big thanks to everyone who makes this work - those who write, those who read, those who link, those who comment, those who send us stuff behind the scenes, those who think, and those who support those of us who write too.

My observation of the blogosphere is that blogs that make it past three years generally stick around long term.  I hope that's true for The Hand Mirror too. 


Anonymous said...

I watched the above today. It underscores the way the web, and the blogosphere in particular, is such an important medium for feminist activism, networking, yarning, and reaching out to the next generation of feminists.

I really appreciate this site. When a particular feminist issue hits the media (though seldom recognised by them as such) and really gets to me, I come on over, and usually within two or three days at the latest, it's being talked about here. Phew.

I've learned heaps. Thank you.

Happy birthday and kia ora Hand Mirror team.


Chally said...


Deborah said...

Good grief! How did that happen?

Julie said...

I believe we just started blogging and then we all forgot to stop at the same time.

Thanks Chally :-)

ms p said...

Happy Birthday THM! This blog has become part of my daily reading routine - I check in everyday over the morning coffee. Thanks to all the bloggers for your thoughtful posts and the commenters too.

stef said...

happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns and thanks for the thought-provoking reading.

Tamara said...

What ms p said!!