Monday 17 July 2017

Not Yet Time for a Lady Time Lord

Look I know it's probably unexpected, but I don't support a female Doctor Who.

Why would we do that?  Why would we pretend that it's ok for a shape shifting time-travelling immortal alien to be portrayed as anything, and by anyone, other than a (probably straight) white man who has spoken English from birth?

Sure Missy shows that Time Lords can change their bits, as Mr X pointed out to me, but really that just proves the point.  Missy/The Master is a villain character (usually) and they do all sorts of weird and Not Normal things, being female is clearly just another one of those aberrations.

Also what will we do with all the toilet seats in the TARDIS?  Will they have to be permanently glued down now?  Oh the (in)humanity!

Surely Doctor Who isn't The Doctor without a sonic screwdriver (don't mention Capaldi's sunglasses, sssshhhhh, never happened) and we can't expect a lady to carry around a manly tool of that type (penis compensator?) especially as her clothes won't have any real pockets.  Will she have a sonic silicon pot holder instead?  Can't see much lock picking and computery twiddling happening with that!

Finally, and this will be hard for some readers to accept, but our society just isn't ready.  There are still countries in the world where women have not yet been state leader, can't be lawyers, have little access to education, are barred from driving and even voting.  We should be working hard on all of that, not rejoicing at the mere breakthrough of a woman playing an iconic TV character who has inspired generations and is at the apex of the world's biggest English language fandoms.

Look away from the small beautiful victories and see how we still fail.  Despair at our lack of power, not stomp our feet as the cliffs crumble.

Do not, ever, hope.

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