Thursday 11 June 2009

Mt Albert By-election Survey: John Boscawen (ACT)

The seventh response to our candidate survey for the Mt Albert by-election is from John Boscawen, who is standing for ACT and is currently a List MP.

Candidate: John Boscawen
Party: ACT

Q: What particular issues do you believe women in Mt Albert face?
A: I think the biggest challenge the people of Mt. Albert face, of all genders, and indeed all New Zealanders, is our falling living standards. New Zealand's relative living standards have been falling for some time, and despite a promise from Labour to address this issue, things only got worse. We need to adopt policies that will raise our after tax incomes and hence living standards. Another key issue is that our streets and communities need to be safer. I have have spoken to many who are very concerned about the general breakdown of society and lawlessness. We need to address the underlying causes of crime, but in the interim, we need to protect our communities from repeat violent offenders. ACT's 3 strikes law would do this, yet Labour and the Greens disagree, while I hav eyet to hear what National's candidate thinks.

Q: How do you think women's representation could be preserved and/or enhanced if the proposed Auckland Super City proceeds?
A: We alread have a number of women councillors and community board members, and there is no reason to believe that women will have any difficulty in standing for Auckland Council or Local Board positions. Any organisation proposing to run a slate of candidates, particularly with regard to the 8 councillors elected at large, would I imagine, look to offer a mixture of genders and ethnicities.

Multi-choice questions (candidate's answer is in bold):
Should the Ministry of Women's Affairs be:
Abolished OR Decreased OR Continued at the current level OR Increased (no option chosen)
Candidate comment: I would want to better understand what it does before commenting.

In considering allegations of rape the law should:
Require the defendant to prove sex was consensual OR require the victim to disprove sex was consensual (status quo)

Should access to abortion be:
Abolished OR Restricted OR Continued as currently provided OR Increased to on demand

Should paid parental leave be:
Abolished OR Decreased OR Continued at the current level OR Increased

In the forthcoming Child Discipline referendum New Zealanders should:
Vote Yes OR Vote No or Abstain
Candidate comment: Because I beleive parents should be able to correct their children's behaviour. I have a private members bill promoting a change.

Pay Equity measures by Government are:
Necessary OR Unnecessary (no option chosen)
Candidate comment: But shouldn't ..because people should be paid on their merits... Regardless.

Social change advertising campaigns, such as It's Not Ok, should be:
Abolished OR Decreased OR Continued at the current level OR Increased


Joe Hendren said...

With Boscawen also voting Yes on the referendum its pretty clear the result is going to be even more meaningless than people expected.

BTW I wondered if Boscawen was attempting to be funny when he claimed he did not know what the ministry of womens affairs does.

I did a quick check to see if any of his select committees had reviewed the department - financial reviews etc - it looks like they haven't.

Anonymous said...

If they'd put the actual Referendum question it would have helped. John contradicts his YES with his response - he was obviously saying yes to something else. No big deal.

Cactus Kate said...

John is a bit soft isn't he....they must be his personal opinions.

Julie said...

Anon, we didn't put the question in because we had a pretty high expectation that those running for Parliament, or indeed already in it, should be aware of it.