Wednesday 11 June 2008

Here we go again

Gee thanks Right to Life, for putting abortion back on the agenda this election year. Most people were pretty happy about the fact that although the law didn't reflect practice it did reflect what society was ok with. Ah well, I wasn't really planning on doing anything else for the rest of the year anyway.
The picture is from the UK but so far it seems to hold pretty true for Right to Life's Ken Orr and Family First's Bob McCoskrie...

Here are the reactions of some progressive women and men from Blogland:

Medical Matters - Russell Brown
Our abortion laws, bendable but also breakable? (cross-posted here too)- the ex-expat

I'll update as more become apparent to me, but feel free to add your own link in comments.
Newly noticed this morning (11th June, before 9am):
marching on - Anjum
Aborting stereotypes - the ex-expat
I also have a guest post on this going up at The Standard sometime today. It's remarkable how similar my thinking in that post is to where both the e-e and Anjum are coming from, although I hadn't read their stuff when I wrote it. Anyway, once it's up I'll link to it from here also, although I'm away from the keys for most of today so might not be able to update this list until tonight.
Hold fast everyone, we have won this debate before and we can (we must!) do it again.
Newly noticed this evening (11th June, around 5pm):
If you're against abortion then kindly don't have one - my guest post at The Standard (thanks to all_your_base and the rest of the team for the opportunity) which has exploded into quite a comment debate (mostly respectful).
Speaking up for abortion - Deborah (cross-posted here)
I'm going to shamelessly bump this, so those who don't subscribe via reader get to see the new posts.
Newly noticed today (13th June, around 1pm):
the a-word - Chris
Moreau on abortion - Idiot/Savant
The meaning of life - Paul Litterick
"New Zealand's Taleban?" - Jordan Carter (actually I'm not sure whether Jordan is saying he agrees with these quotes from Chris Trotter or not, but the quotes themselves are certainly pro-choice).
Apologies if I have missed anyone, I am trying to do too many things at once today.
Newly noticed tonight (13th June, around 7.30pm):
Also, Jordan has clarified that he quoted Trotter's comments as he is pro-choice himself.


Jordan Carter said...

I am certainly pro-choice.

Julie said...

Thanks for the clarification Jordan, I thought that but didn't want to put words in your mouth on such a Big issue.