Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Introducing The Hand Mirror

The Hand Mirror is a bit of a home for NZ women of a leftward and feminist perspective to share their thoughts on whatever tickles their fancies.

Topics may well include any, all or none of the following:

feminism, local government, cupcakes, Joss Whedon's creations, national politics, female role models, sexist advertising, rape and other forms of violence, books, racism, education, human rights, cartoons, public ownership, parenting, cross stitch, science fiction, activism, the division of labour, abortion, paid and unpaid work, tino rangatira tanga, cats, language, homophobia, health, transport, environmental issues, unionism, international stuff, religion, tax, young people, whether or not the Prime Minister should wear pants when meeting the Queen*, science, the justice system, body image, capitalism, reproductive politics, social welfare, and cleaning tips.

Actually, I'm pretty sure there won't be any cleaning tips.
Although, if anyone does have any...

One of our aims is to encourage and promote women bloggers, primarily those who identify as from Aotearoa New Zealand, and not just those writing specifically within political blogs.

At the current time, the following writers are contributing to The Hand Mirror:

Where another blog is listed after the writer's name, they may be mainly cross-posting here at The Hand Mirror from their own blog.

We also host an array of stellar guest posts, and to date have featured writing from (another) Anna, Anita, katy, Pauline, Labour MP Jacinda Ardern, Carol, Luddite Journo, katy again, Gina, Ms Giraffe, Stephanie Mills, and Rebecca.

If you would like to contact The Hand Mirror please email Julie in the first instance, julie dot fairey at gmail dot com.

* Answer: she (or he) should wear whatever they want and really noone should care.

Last updated Tuesday 5th Mary 2009.


rag_grrl_nz said...

Bravo, great to see this come together :)

Joanna said...

I really like the Cinderella range of cleaning products, which are all eco and animal friendly. Peppermint-smelling kitchens! Coconut-smelling bathrooms! Tropical fruit-smelling glass and stainless steel!

I also really like to see New Zealand women articulating themselves so well, and setting up a whole space in which to do so. Yay!

nostartingpoint said...

Thanks for the link!

I just wanted to ask about your heading. The Sally Kempton quote? Did you notice you've spelt it Sally Kimpton?

Anyway, good job everyone! It's great to see this.

Julie said...

Eeeek, thanks for pointing that out nsp, I can't believe no one else noticed!!11 All fixed now :-)

nostartingpoint said...

No Problem!

The Hairy Armpit said...

I think it's time for some good oldfashioned hardcore radical feminism on the blogosphere! Women in NZ are still treated like crap and we need to fight back!

We live in a misogynist society that celebrates:

Death threats against Sue Bradford because she tried to stop people belting their kids

Female politicians being ridiculed for their looks yet given no credit for their achievements

The utter degredation of rape victims, especially in high profile cases

The Madonna/Whore complex

Perpetuating negative stereotypes against ethnic minorities, the poor and gays

The merciless torment of vulnerable victims like Mrs Muliaga

Women dieting and having plastic surgery so they look good according to male fantasies of the "ideal woman"

Our society and it's attitudes are reflected in the blogosphere. Misogynists, homophobes and racists call their filthy rants "Free Speech". Women have the right to Free Speech too! I think women should take over the blogosphere and we might see some decency for a change!

I'd like to see The Hand Mirror on top of the blog rank lists instead of the sexist, racist pigs we usually get.

jasmine t said...

yay!! celebrate being woman!!!! ice to be part of this community!!

Jessamine said...

I must have been living in the UK too long - "pants" mean knickers here so my first thought on reading "should Helen Clark wear pants when meeting the Queen" was, "Definitely, unless she wants to be known as the next Vivian Westwood" (who famously showed up to get her OBE with no knickers on).