Sunday, 13 April 2008

Part-time smartschmuck-time

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The headline in Tuesday's Australian says it - Part-timers fail at work, home. Beaton Consulting surveyed 10,000 white collar workers, and found that part-time workers feel that they are falling behind in their careers, working just as hard as their full-time counterparts, but paid less, and at the same time, they feel they simply don't have enough family time. It's a lose:lose situation.

You can get a PDF of the entire report here (2MB), or you can go read Penguin Unearthed's excellent summary. Penguin Unearthed gives a measured analysis - I recommend reading it - but me, I'm going to be a little more rant-y about the whole flaming issue.

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showyourworkings said...

Well it summs up my experience of part time work. I had enough money left over after child care to buy my lunch. That's why I work from home now with my own business.