Wednesday, 23 July 2008


This post is a mosaic of bits and pieces that I wanted to mention but I don't have the time for a whole post on any of them. I am going to shamelessly imitate Martha's winning bullet point style...
  • Is any body else feeling a bit, well, icky, about TVNZ's Burying Brian? Seems to me if it was a man murdering his spouse and covering it up it would never have made it to air, or at least not as an attempt at comedy.
  • Particularly given the whole Veitch thing, which Lita has a fantastic post on, dealing to Holmes' latest advert for the Veitchy Is The Victim Association (VITVA) column.
  • Babies are bad for your back.
  • Tonight is July's regular Drinking Liberally event for Auckland - London Bar (cnr Queen and Wellesley Sts), 7.30pm, Wed 23rd July. The guest speaker fell over (not literally) so it is a mix and mingle, and a fab opportunity to meet new people who share your politics.
Ok, that is all.


Kakariki said...

Babies are super bad for your back. And your knees.

Lita said...

I so wanted to stop commenting on the Veitch story and let the law do its thang, but that crusty mad coot Holmes just will not let it go.

I think he is nervous as hell that his own shiz will be outted and he will be treated just as 'poorly'. Whatevs, I just want him to shut the hell up - surely Tony does too?!

Violet said...

I totally agree with the Burying Brian comment! Some things are just more socially acceptable one way than another, probably because it's less close to reality.