Friday, 11 July 2008

The Odds & Ends Drawer

What do we find in the drawer tonight?

The ex-expat side-steps to avoid treading on The Suit's man mana.
Jordan considers the dangers of becoming involved in politics when you are young, idealistic and vociferous, and Tony responds to his concerns.
Jannelle has some very cute pics of her little garden gnome.
Whenua examines Derek Fox's domestically violent past and the Maori Party's handling of the revelations.
Frog compares the Hikoi of Hope and last Friday's truckie rage.
Sophie has some wonderous cat blogging (this one's for you Zanavashi!)

More on the Veitch issue from Paul of The Fundy Post (a new post on this, not the one previously linked), Jafapete, Russell Brown, Lita (also a new post), Nat, Ari, and the ex-expat. Sorry if I've missed anyone!

New (or newly noticed) progressive posts on the abortion issue, in the NZ context:
Abortion on demand and without apology (Kiwi edition) by Rad Geek of Rad Geek People's Daily.
Abortion by Terence of Long Ago and Not True Anyway
Abortion: whose choice is it? by Daphna Whitmore at The Spark

New to the blogroll:
The Aucklandista
Jafapete's Weblog (Other NZ Progressives)


Anna McM said...

Praise from me doesn't count much, but I want to mention how much I enjoy the writing of both the other bloggers and commentators on THM - thanks for sharing your thoughts! And special thanks to Julie who's organisational skills and commitment make it all happen!

zANavAShi said...

Awwww fanks Julie. An' we (me and the fat furry bed ornament) wuvs u 2 hehehe :P


PS: And ditto what Anna sayz!

Ari said...

CAT BLOGGING! Mew! (I swear, we need some sort of kiwi meta-kittyblog)

And thanks for the link, Julie :) I have more thoughts on Veich, (and Derek Fox, too) but I'll have to consider how I want to frame those in a post and whether it introduces any useful feminist ideas. I've been very busy this week too so it was good to get that out there.

As for how awesome you all are, I'm sure I've been on record saying that a few times now. :D

Lita said...

Thanks for the links, I'm blushing like a banshee.

The only compensation for me personally, with the past few months of misogynistic media and female vilification, has been finding your blog. Thanks to all for your efforts, you've quickly become a must-read.

Ari said...

Lita: Very nice post, sums it up quickly and elegantly I think ;)

Julie said...

Cheers everyone, I am really enjoying this project, and I'm quite stunned at how many people have happened along and written stuff (both posts and comments) already.

Although a lot of the stuff we end up writing about, as feminists in a not particularly feminist world, can be a bit of a downer subject-wise, what lifts me up so much is the thoughtful responses of others here, and reading so many wonderful positive writers out there in the blogosphere who are so creative and open-hearted.

I used to read a lot of (mostly men) writing very abrasively about politics, and it gave me a very skewed picture of blogging, one that the last few months here has definitely redrawn in my mind.

Julie said...

And Anna McM praise from you so totally rocks the party! ;-)

Deborah said...

I'm so impressed by your organisational and marshalling talents too Julie, and so much enjoying being part of this group blogging effort.