Sunday, 13 July 2008

Regular Features

(Another one of those house-keepingy posts that I was so slack and didn't do when the blog started so I'm catching up on now)

Blog of the Week
From time to time Maia will rave about a blog that has caught her attention for all the right reasons.

Deborah posts excerpts from smart feminist women with points to make, every Friday.

Monday Funday
Every Monday (usually), something that made me smile, even if in a wry and bittersweet fashion.

The Odds & Ends Drawer

A roughly once-a-week round-up of various interesting posts from around the blogs, sometimes with a particular focus on a current issue, and also highlighting any blogs newly added to the blogroll.

Feminist Events
When I hear about an event I think may appeal to readers I'll slap it up here, especially if there is a pretty picture to go with it. Feel free to email if you have something to share.

Thursdays in Black
A post most Thursdays about a local initiative aimed at raising awareness and combatting violence against women, inspired by the Thursdays in Black campaign.

More regular features may be added as they evolve.

Last updated 7th March 2009

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