Tuesday, 22 July 2008

What do women want?

Frog has initiated an interesting discussion at the Greens' blog about what women want, politically. Not just in terms of policies (eg Paid Parental Leave) or positions (eg a Minister of Women's Affairs) but also in terms of the kind of political discourse we have. Should what women want be separated out from what everyone wants? Is there progress to be gained from that or not? Frog points out the male dominance of NZ politics is still in place, if reduced, and that most online political dialogue in relation to Aotearoa is also saturated with XYers.

My personal experiences in politics have taught me that even in left wing organisations women's participation is still at times restricted by stereotypical approaches to gender roles. For example I can think of a woman I know who is lovely and considers herself quite feminist, however when it comes to mid-winter Xmas dinners she insists on finding a man to carve the meat because it just isn't women's work. A frivolous story, to be sure, but it does illustrate my point - when it comes to gender equality (parity, fairness, whatever word you want to use) we just aren't there yet.

Back to Frogblog - please go have a look at the discussion evolving there (it looks like Frog could do with a bit of a hand wresting it back to the point) and put your two five cents in about what you'd like to see in this election, in relation to political dialogue that addresses issues of importance to women, and regarding women's participation in the democratic processes themselves.

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