Sunday, 3 August 2008

abortion appeal

just a quick post to let everyone know that the recent decision by the high court in regards to the judicial review of the abortion supervisory committee (ASC) are going to be appealed. just to summarise, the decision of judge miller found that:

“In my opinion , the statistics and the Committee’s comments over the years since the Court of Appeal made that observation do give rise to powerful misgivings about the lawfulness of many abortions. They tend to confirm Dr Forster’s view that New Zealand essentially has abortion on request.”

the ASC will appeal on the grounds that "the Court erred in law in concluding that the Committee’s functions under the Act empower it to form its own opinion about the lawfulness of certifying consultant’s decisions." Right to Life, who initiated the judicial review, say they will cross appeal, with a view to "re present our case denied in the High Court for the legal recognition of the status of the unborn child as a human being and a person endowed by its Creator with human rights, the foundation right being the right to life."

not sure what the timeframe for all of this will be. there isn't any way that the rest of us can in any way get involved with this legal process at this stage. or is there? would appreciating hearing from some legal minds of what the possible outcomes and their effects will be, including when the appeal will be heard.


Anna McM said...

I actually don't know too much about all this - do Right to Life really want to push their argument that a foetus is fully human to its logical conclusions? Do they support all that other nutty stuff, eg penalties for women who drink during pregnancy? Anyone?

Julie said...

Thanks for keeping an eye on this Anjum, I guess it will be interesting to see what happen next.