Friday, 22 August 2008

the asian radio show

just a quick note to promote a new radio show on radio live, which sapna samant has been involved with:

Starting on 23 August on Radio Live at 7.30 pm, THE ASIAN RADIO SHOW brings a different perspective to ‘being Asian’ in New Zealand. Funded by New Zealand On Air, this show aims to inform, entertain and engage audiences about life in Aotearoa New Zealand through Asian eyes. And sometimes about Asian lives through non-Asian eyes.

Being Asian in New Zealand is complex and The Asian Radio Show acknowledges that complexity through storytelling, reports, interviews and panel discussions with just a touch of irreverence.

Fronted by stand-up comedian and actor Tarun Mohanbhai and co-produced by thedownlowconcept and Holy Cow Media, The Asian Radio Show covers the spectrum from the frivolous to the important. From fashion to sexuality, health, politics, Asian posterchildren and even cosmetic dentistry in Cambodia. Issues that matter to all New Zealanders and are of relevance to those of Asian origin.

Mitch Harris of Radio Live says the show is another way of including New Zealanders from all backgrounds and experiences. “The Asian Radio Show isn’t just a show for people from Asia, or of Asian descent, it focuses on stories of interest for everyone but works to highlight issues often overlooked by mainstream media. I’m really looking forward to getting those stories out there.”

let me sheepishly admit that this is a little bit of self-promotion, in that i'll be on the first show along with pansy wong, discussing politics. i haven't heard the final cut of the show, so am hoping it comes out ok! nonetheless i think this is a great development - a decent asian show on a commercial station, at a decent time. yay!!

and while i'm at it, i'll also be on radio nz's "the panel" on monday. wish me luck!


Violet said...

It seems a bit arbitrary, to be an Asian radio show. Presumably this covers Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, the various Indian, Burmese and a whole range of other non-similar cultures. But I guess it'd be better than nothing.

Anna McM said...

Sounds like a good initiative - good luck Anjum!

stargazer said...

yes violet, it would include the broad definition asia including all those you mention and more. i don't know why so many kiwis have decided that "asian" means "chinese" or "chinese, taiwanese, korean". who decided that as a definition, and how did it become so widespread?

i was talking to a taxi driver in wellington a few years back and the issue of race and racism came up. he was white as snow (and i mean white, not pink, slight tan or anything else), but he laughed when i told him jokingly that he didn't qualify as white because he was asian. he said "that's true, i'm half asian". it'll be interesting to see if they have any russians on the show!

Hugh said...

'Asia' is a concept that's never been properly defined. Most people can't even clearly define where Asia starts and finishes, let alone agree with others.

Julie said...

Istanbul (was Constantinople, then it's Istanbul, then Constantinople...) is supposed to be where Asia and Europe meet right? So Turks are Asian too? I throw that in apropro of basically nothing, just that I got the song stuck in my head after reading this thread...

Best wishes for the show Anjum, (although it's a pre-record right? I'm sure you did great!) and for your stint on the Panel. I normally listen to National Radio most of the time but for the next 2 weeks I won't be home much so I won't be in control of the radio, but if I can catch you I will!

stargazer said...

thanks julie and anna.

re turkey, the river in istanbul (is it the bosphorus?) is the dividing line between europe and asia. apparently there's a whole elitist thing going on there, with the northeners (european) feeling superior to their southern (asian) compatriots.

probably more of the confusion is the boundary between asia and the middle east. but there is no doubt at all about the indian subcontinent, commonly known as south asia. so why does it get excluded from the nz use of the word?

Hugh said...

Anjum, I know a lot of people who don't consider India to be part of Asia - and who don't consider the Middle East to be separate from Asia, for that matter.