Tuesday, 19 August 2008

For the ANTM fans

Apparently there will be a transgender contestant contestant in a future series of America's Next Top Model.

An interesting development.


Anna McM said...

Tyra(nt) pisses me off. The inclusion of a tralnsgender model may well have positive effects for the transgender community, but that is not at all why Tyra's doing it. She's hoping it will generate a 'freakshow' interest, that the contestants will be grossed out or squabble about sharing a bathroom, the model will fulfill 'humourous' drag queen stereotypes, etc. I doubt it's going to be a respectful or dignified experience for the model in question.

As a friend cynically put it, 'Tyra certainly is trying to right injustice one model at a time'. Bless her heart.

Danielle said...

She's also changed her own policy, based on earlier ANTM rules, which stressed that the contestants must have been 'born women'.

I think the original rule was stupid, of course, particularly given Miss J as a judge, but... consistency, Tyra?