Thursday, 21 August 2008

The Inaugural Suffrage Eve Debate

With the Graceful Assistance of the Auckland University Students' Association,

The Hand Mirror presents

The Inaugural Suffrage Eve Debate

Thursday 18th September, 7.30pm
Lecture Theatre ENG3402, School of Engineering, 20 Symonds St, University of Auckland

Arguing for the Proposition "That Eve Should Vote Centre-Right":
  • Nikki Kaye, National candidate for Auckland Central
  • Lyn Murphy, Act list candidate (no. 14)
  • and a third speaker yet to be confirmed
Counter-arguing for the Proposition "That Eve Should Vote Centre-Left":
  • Sue Bradford, Green MP
  • Anjum Rahman, Labour party activist and blogger
  • and a third speaker yet to be confirmed
All welcome, entry by gold coin donation. Feel free to add your attendance intention on the Facebook event page.


We've been beavering away on this for a little while now and I admit to being quite excited about it. While The Hand Mirror's writers are feminist and left-of-centre in make-up, we are firmly dedicated to promoting women's voices regardless of their political ideology. We see this debate as a practical way to give Auckland women a chance to hear different views on which political approaches could serve them best, particularly in light of the upcoming general election.

Please save the date and consider bringing some friends along, and if it goes well we hope this may be the first of many successful Hand Mirror events.

Update: Due to some logistical issues we have changed the format of this event a bit, and I hope to be able to clarify more specifically tomorrow (Monday 1st Sept). It will still be going ahead at the same time and place, with most of the same speakers, but we are making it more of a discussion than a hard-core debate. More news soon I hope!


stargazer said...

you're being modest julie, the bulk of the work has been done by you, and thanx heaps for that.

and i'm not officially allowed to be called a labour candidate yet, because i'm not one until the list comes out!

Anna McM said...

This is going to be a wonderful event Julie - thanks for all your hard work! Organising things is so much trickier when you've got a little person to care for...

Julie said...

Thanks guys, but it's not over yet, so I wouldn't be so sure that you aren't going to have lots to do... ;-)