Monday, 25 August 2008

Monday Funday - With American electoral references

It looks like it'll be two men (one black, one white) versus two men (both white), unless McCain picks Rice, but I heard she isn't interested? Don't really blame her.

From someecards.


Carol said...

Heh. Well I can see the point. However, I also think any woman/left wing politician worth her salt is better off out of the presidential race. There's too much focus on personalities, while there's a limit any one individual can do to change the system, or challenge political power within that system.

I watched while Bill Clinton moved away from his initial political positions as he became president. Ditto for Hillary the closer she got to the presidency. And it's happening all over again with Obama. He's continually moved toward the centre in his move towards standing for the presidency. I just find the hype for change around his candidacy pretty off-putting and hypocritical.

Hillary and/or some other leftie women pollies can do more good outside of the presidency IMO.

Hugh said...

What about Carly Fiorina? Or Meg Whitman? Both have been mentioned as potential running mates for McCain.

Julie said...

I guess I got disillusioned. There was a fair bit of talk about Obama bringing a woman on board for VP, but it hasn't amounted to anything and even the talk died down pretty fast (I'm not just talking about the absurdity of Hilary being his VP candidate after all that nastiness between them for the nomination, there was at least one other woman who was supposedly a serious contender).

Maybe McCain will pick a woman, who knows? If he does I just hope he doesn't treat her the way he treated his first wife.

Am I a little grumpy and out-of-sorts with the world tonight? Yes, guilty as charged.

Anonymous said...

It was
Sebelius. She would have been awesome.

Hugh said...

To be blunt I would view a female running mate as a kind of sick joke on McCain's part. Given his stance on issues, particularly abortion, it would be an incredibly cynical attempt to try to attract woman voters by something superficial in the clear hope they don't actually examine his policies, like appointing supreme court justices who will overturn of Roe v Wade.

Hugh said...

In defense of Joe Biden, one of his main achievements in the Senate was the passage of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act, which the National Organisation for Women called 'the biggest gain in civil rights for women in twenty years' and earned him a lot of criticism from the Republican right for being anti-male.

While Obama could indeed have picked Sebelius (and in my mind that would have been a good idea - I think the idea that picking her would be seen as 'insulting' Clinton is overblown), and that would have been my pick, I think Biden is far from the worst choice he could have made, from a feminist perspective. Evan Bayh, who was also seriously considered, would have been pretty shoddy, let alone Jim Reed.