Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The Odds & Ends Drawer

In the drawer this time:

New to the blogroll:

Gblog by various Green party members, including suzievesper
Beehive Buzz by Alex Marret
Tumeke have added Phoebe Fletcher to their team
Dr Sapna (thanks to Anjum for bringing this one to my attention)
Motueka News Online: The Blog by Kate Kennedy
Homepaddock by Ele Ludemann
Aotearoa: a wider perspective by Evelyn Gilbert (travellerev)
Gman inc which includes female blogger political_valley
a little tune from my reverie by the girl with the blue blue heart

And Ari, where are you?


Nikki said...

New one for ya -


Julie said...

Thanks Nikki for the heads up :-)

Ari said...

Hey Julie!

My computer's been very unco-operative recently, and I've been very busy whenever the weather's been good with some new part-time employment.

So basically, I haven't had time for feminist/gender equality theory writing recently. I'm also considering whether I'll give Still Truckin' a small break up to the election and join the G.Blog team- it's a hard choice- on the one hand, raising awareness about the things I care about directly is pretty cool. On the other, the Greens are generally a very feminist lot in the first place, and raising awareness for them might also protect a bunch of other human rights and social services stuff. Decisions decisions! I know for sure I won't be able to dedicate enough time to both.

Anna McM said...

I'll continue to enjoy your writing wherever it appears, Ari!

Joanna said...

I'd like to throw some love to this Jezebel comeback to a lame Newsweek article that pedals the same bullshit as ALAC.

Ari said...

Thanks Anna :)