Friday, 22 August 2008

Partner rape

An Australian organisation, Women's Health Goulbourn North East, has just released a report on partner rape, available at .

It's described as follows:

Women who are raped or who suffer domestic violence are somehow thought of in the popular imagination as a stereotype. According to this, the women are asking for it, dressed inappropriately, provoking it – responsible for it. While this is clearly uninformed, our sample provides yet more evidence that any woman is vulnerable to rape. We do not need to be a certain 'type' of woman, or to behave in particular ways, or to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Partner rape is prevalent in our society. This research is based on over 70 interviews with women, police and health professionals and has implications for health professionals, GPs, ministers, community members and anyone who works with them.

The research report was written by Debra Parkinson. The literature review was written by Sue Cowan. Interviews were conducted (in pairs) by Debra Parkinson, Kerry Burns, Claire Zara, Sandy King and Julie Tyler.

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lauredhel said...

Thanks for drawing attention to this report. If you're looking for other discussions too, a "radical centrist" blog is attempting to discuss it here. (With kudos to amanda, Jason Soon, and Ken Parish for cutting through the crap in comments.)