Tuesday, 12 August 2008

TV3 - They don't just present the news they get it.

Yup TV3 certainly do understand women alright, They like shiny things given to them by serious men folk. So I really do have to give props to the channel first for finding four men to write about the serious business of politics on their decision 08 site. It is so wonderful that the channel is embracing social networking with such gusto. Well done gentlemen.

But just to make sure us women folk don't feel left out, TV3 should also be given snaps for trying to make politics more 'female friendly.' They did manage to find a solitary young female journalist to blog about the election. Except the blo-jo in question is a fashion journalist because you know young women are like totally interested fashion. And if they aren't, well they like totally have no future in politics or apparently any other career.

H/T Homepaddock


Idiot/Savant said...

Yeah, I'd noticed that.

Can I have some less patronising news, please?

ideologicallyimpure said...

Oh. My. God.

Ari said...

Posts entitled "Wine Box or briefs?" ought to be career-ending, in my humble opinion. For whoever's idea it was to put a fashion journalist on the election team, that is.

New Zealand has plenty of intelligent female journalists who do political commentary- it couldn't kill either nooz-team to roster some of them on.

Amnion said...

Hey come off it guys

This is New Zeland the land of the lowest common denominator 'journalism', the place where people don't want intelligent incisive commentary and journalistic accuracy.

The place where the top hits ont he Stuff site are:

Today's Most Viewed Stories
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Playboy trio outraged over Hef's new girl

Child singing star was a fake

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Togo hails 'stranger' for first ever games medal

'Piddler on the roof' turns himself in

Ctrl+Alt+Del: Opening ceremony software error

Phelps claims gold as Moss fades to fourth

Helping uglies find love since dawn of time

Jessica Simpson's pregnancy boo-boo

And the outside world doesn't exist unless some 'celebrity' does soemthing, or says they like/hate New Zealand or a New Zealander.

I hate it. I really do