Monday, 1 September 2008

Cross Post: Quick Girls! Find a fella!

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Obviously the Herald on Sunday writers have run out of ideas since they feel the need to regurgitate material reminding us yet again that the Man drought is fact of dating life.

Because obviously the single women of New Zealand hadn't taken note of Fran O'Sullivan's column about the topic in June as that was Business section and we all know chicks aren't interested in business and the economy. Too many numbers.

And of course they'll have forgotten about the Sunday Times piece lamenting single kiwi shelias are being too picky in March since it was in the competition's paper.

And the last two items that have been done on the topic were in July 2007 and December 2006. Yeah it's been far too long since you've run a piece to scare single women into settling for any man they can find and popping out a few sprogs.

Quick! Quick Find a bunch of ditzy girls and get them to spout some misandrist bullshit and pass it off as a major sociological trend.

That will lead nicely into a biting expose on foreign fever and then you could send a bunch of the fat and/or ugly ones to Mount Isa that would be awesome!

A lot more interesting than that Internet dating nonsense. Only fat ugly losers would be desperate enough stoop to trying finding a date online right?


Julie said...

I was irritated too when I saw this in the Herald, I suspect my blood pressure is going to drop considerably from tomorrow, as Mum has cancelled the Herald after yet another price rise.

What really got me was the little map with coloured sections indicating which areas have considerably more women than men, and which were the other way around. Perhaps if the Herald could put this level of effort into covering issues like child poverty we might get somewhere?

Anna McM said...

The utter absence of news in that article is pretty breathtaking. I don't know anything at all about demographics, but I believe the age group in which women significantly outweigh men is 70+. That's probably a societal problem, but one of a completely different sort.

There seem to be some shitty standard stories that get paraded again and again in all media: obese people who need stomach operations; kids with behavioural problems; teenagers who get exploited by nutty people on MySpace. And, of course, the man drought. It's like freakin' groundhog day.