Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Feminist Events: Suffrage Day in Christchurch


Just a reminder to phone Ruth Todd for tickets NOW for our celebration of Suffrage Day - Friday 19 September- White Camellia Day - the Day the Vote was Won! And this year, with the general elections coming up, very important that we use our vote, won for us by those amazing women in 1893. We always like to mark this day with a WOA event in the evening & this is it! See details below.

We will also have some wonderful BOOK RAFFLES too! You can win packages of 5-6 new books for $2

MEGAN HUTCHING has produced 6 books of oral histories of WW2, and in her new book, Over the Wide and Trackless Sea, she has chosen 11 pioneer women and girls of NZ, who came here from Dalmatia, Britain & Denmark. Some will be familiar - Lady Barker & Betty Guard - do you know about Amey Daldey, Juliette Daniell & Catherine Ralfe?? These are wonderful stories,full of humour, soul-searching & exasperation, about their trials & triumphs, told as much as possible in their own words. A wonderful gift for younger women too.

VIRGINIA PAWSEY from North Canterbury & JANICE MARRIOTT from Wellington, will have a conversation that brought about COMMON GROUND - the letters written to each other for a year - two very different women & their friendship - both with a passion for gardening & letter writing, who met up at a school reunion after many years.
A real delight - their gardens & daily lives couldn't be more different.

And one of our favourite Canterbury poets, BERNADETTE HALL, will end the evening reading some of her recent poems.

You will be able to hear interviews with Megan Hutching & Janice Marriott on WOA on Sat 13 Sept after 10am

If you are a Friend of WOA, the ticket price is $10 from Ruth or Morrin. If you would like to bring a student - $5 - with ID

Just send a cheque to WOA Trust, Plains FM, PO Box 22297, ChCh & enclose a stamped addressed envelope & we will post the tickets back to you.
Tell your book groups & bring your friends or just come yourself

Also CELEBRATE by coming to the Kate Sheppard Memorial at 12.30 on Suffrage Day - bring spring flowers or camellias & join with other women to remember the women who came before & talk about the present & the future."

Thanks to Heather for leaving the above comment about this on a previous post, and bringing it to my attention. If anyone has any feminist events, for Suffrage Day or otherwise, please feel free to email me (address is available through my profile).

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