Friday, 5 September 2008

finally some justice

today john dewar lost his appeal to overturn his conviction for obstructing the course of justice. i'm still so angry that his case was held prior to the one involving messrs shipton, schollum and rickards. if i remember correctly (and i'm sure you'll let me know if i don't!), one of the factors against louise nicholas was that she had previously brought forward rape complaints which had been unsuccessful. this was used to show that she had a history of bringing up frivolous complaints.

had the dewar case happened first, it would have been patently clear what was going on. the only reason i could think of for the dewar case to be held second is because some of the evidence may have been prejudicial to the rape trial. but doing it the other way around has lead to an unjust outcome which can't be fixed, because a retrial isn't allowed.

so dewar now gets 4.5 years in jail, to think over the error of his ways. that hasn't helped mr shipton or mr schollum who continue to maintain innocence, so can't imagine that it's going to make a difference here.

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