Monday, 22 September 2008

Kate magazine available at UOA today!

Those who frequent the University of Auckland might want to grab a copy of this week's Craccum (despite the disemboided breasts on the cover and the higher than usual level of misogynistic content) because there is a fantastic insert that is worth holding your nose for.

Kate has been put together by feminist women involved in the Auckland University Students' Association, with Women's Rights' Officer Sophie Klinger in the editor's swivelly chair, and content includes:
  • Are women-only scholarships necessary?
  • An examination of minority feminism
  • Startlingly good poetry
  • The Campaign for Equality underway in Iran
  • Why ALAC's Lisa ad is unneccessary and insensitive
  • And even a cryptic crossword on the back!
Go grab yourself a copy today!

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