Thursday, 18 September 2008


Tonight is our first event, The Inaugural Suffrage Eve Debate. I'm really looking forward to meeting Anjum for the first time. And I'm a bit on edge.

When I organise something I'm always worried that no one will come. Or that people will come but they will hate it. And that the hate will result because I said or did something stupid or ill-informed (or because hardly anyone else came). In this case the risk is increased as I am putting my Domestic Goddess credentials on the line by daring to cook some cupcakes. I'm reasonably secure about my baking (as long as I remember to put the baking powder in), but my icing, well, it's not that hot.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my nervousness in the hope that getting it out there would mean there was a little less inside my head. And my belly.

If you're in Auckland and can make it along it would be great to see you. If not, we intend to have some pics up in a few days, and will provide links to the video and radio coverage that two media outlets intend to produce in due course (Darpan-The Mirror's telly show and Women's Voices on Planet FM respectively).

And at about 8pm I'll be feeling a lot less nervous and a lot more relieved.

Comments on this post are disabled deliberately, I'm not sure why, I guess because I don't want to be fishing for reassurance. Thanks to those who've circumvented my cunning plan and sent their kind thoughts anyway ;-)