Thursday, 18 September 2008

New men's anarchist zine - From The Kitchen

Now you might be wondering why I'm mentioning a men's mag on a feminist blog, but kindly read the following message from the organisers of the zine...

From The Kitchen: Issue one of Aotearoa anarchist men's zine now out!

In what is perhaps a first for Aotearoa Pakeha anarchists (please let us know if that isn't the case) 'From the Kitchen' is a zine devoted to the discussion of anarchist mens relationship/ response to the feminist movement(s) and our own sexist behaviour. The zine isn't about pointing fingers but instead is done in the style of critical self-reflection by the authors about sexism in their own lives.

Topics in the first issue include:
  • Me(n) and Pornography
  • Slugs in the Sandpit - The Gendered politics of the garden
  • Meat Robots Unite
  • Some thoughts on masculinity, authoritarianism and emotional intelligence
  • What is to be done- some reflections on current sexism in the anarchist movement.
If you want to get you hands on a copy (I know you do!) then try the Freedom Shop in Te Whanganui-a- Tara/Wellington, Cherry Bomb Comics in Tamaki-makau- rau/Auckland, Black Star Books in Otepoti/Dunedin, or if you are outside of the main centres then through Katipo Books. It is hoped that the zine will be on going so if you want to contribute to the next one or help distribute this one then contact menshuizine@ nz


Confusion said...

I love that Christchurch is no longer a major centre.

Anastácio Soberbo said...

Hello, I like this blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is not good.
A hug from Portugal

Nikki said...

Interresant. I must ask around to see who is writing for it and grab a copy too.

Thanks Julie!

Anonymous said...

you can download or read on-line at

Asher said...

confusion - wasn't meant like that - it's just that Katipo Books is based in Christchurch (as is the Otautahi Men's Hui, the group that did the zine) ;)