Monday, 1 September 2008

Rickards to be judged again

This time it's just about whether or not he is of fit character to be admitted to the bar, but I imagine there might be some people out there who could be interested in sharing their views on that subject with the Auckland District Law Society.

It's not quite clear to me if general members of the public are entitled to submit their views on Mr Rickards' character. I seem to recall about a year ago when someone pointed out to me that this might be a future area that would require some attention that I discussed it with an acquaintance who is a lawyer, and a member of the ADLS, and she showed me the listings in the ADLS magazine which call for submissions on the character of those seeking admission to the bar. My vague memory of that was that it wasn't restricted to members of the ADLS, but perhaps a reader could clarify?

(Bowler) hat tipped to Bomber at Tumeke.


Asher said...

Judging by this article in the Herald: it appears anyone can - as far as I'm aware, Louise Nicholas isn't a member of the ADLS.

"Society president Keith Berman said Mr Rickards could still apply to the court without a certificate from the society, but the court would inquire why a certificate had not been given."

I didn't realise that, although that implies it will have a bearing on the final decision, probably a relatively significant one.

stargazer said...

just received this by email today:

In response to enquiries from some of you, any member of the public wishing to comment on the suitability of Clint Rickards being admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand can do so by writing to:
Professional Standards Director, Auckland District Law Society, PO Box 58, Shortland Street, Auckland. Letters must be received by 4.00 pm Friday week - 12 September.

Criteria: Before granting admission, the ADLS must be satisfied that a candidate "is of good character" and "a fit and proper person" to be admitted. Yesterday some media incorrectly stated that only ADLS members can comment. The ADLS confirmed with me today that every letter received by a member of the public will be attached to Mr Rickard's application, for consideration by the Society. Therefore, your voice (and letter) will count.