Thursday, 16 October 2008

Asshole Alert: Mark Ciptak

I have one word for Mrs Ciptak: divorce.

Because while this woman was recovering from giving birth, her asshole husband decided that his newborn daughter shouldn't be called Ava Grace and instead he decided to fill out the birth certificate Sarah McCain Palin Ciptak to show his support for the US Republican presidential ticket.

Fucking hell.

But just in case you think I am unfairly painting this man as an asshole I've decided to quote from the idiot himself:

"I went ahead and asked my wife about it and let's just say that's not an option. She wanted Ava Grace."

"With a clear conscience, even though I know I was kind of going behind her back, I kind of secretly put down Sarah McCain Palin instead of Ava Grace on another set of forms I acquired from the front desk."

"As we were walking out the front of the hospital, I went ahead and gave those to the nurse."

"My wife actually found out the next day when I found out that it looked like it was going to make national news, so, for her fairness, I wanted to get that taken care of before the news hit nationally."

""To be sure, she was not quite fond of me or of what I had done, but we've had some time to talk it over, and she has been really supportive through it all."

Ciptak said his wife is still speaking to him, but some relatives aren't. He said he does feel bad about going against his wife's wishes but said they're both excited at the hope of giving the McCain campaign a breath of fresh air.


Bevan11 said...

Er, a little radical there, maybe?
Obviously he's done something pretty stupid, but that doesn't mean it's worth splitting up a marriage for ... they can change the baby's name again, it's not permanent.

QoT said...

Bevan, it's not about "doing something stupid". It's about a man betraying an agreement with his wife, over something that *isn't* easy to take back, for a stupid, selfish reason - he thinks HE "took one for the team" here.

He lied, he betrayed his wife's trust, and he had a "clear conscience" while doing it. I'd sure as hell divorce him.

Anonymous said...

Of course what this guy did was unbelievable. 'Asshole' doesn't even begin to describe him. Divorce may be a little extreme though. I'm glad she's willing to stay with him, though I certainly hope they change that poor child's name back to Ava Grace.

Lita said...

I'd be furious. The man is a monkey, selling out his newborn, its gross.

eric said...

what a scumbag i hope his wife leaves him. shes a stupid ass too if she doesnt.