Wednesday, 8 October 2008


In the weekend, Bob McCoskrie, the director of Family First, was the target of an unusual protest.

According to Stuff (, four black-clad women approached McCoskrie's house at night when he and his family were away, leaving a threatening note and driving about a thousand knives into his lawn.

The intimidating nature of the act was somewhat undone by the fact that the knives were made of plastic.

I am trying to not to giggle about this, or McCoskrie's public refusal to bow down to this flagrant misuse of disposable cutlery.

Whatever it is the black-clad women are protesting, they may need to make it a little clearer!


Hugh said...

Let it first be said that I think McCroskie and his organisation are dangerous reactionaries of the worst order.

But having said that I think that the use of threatening knotes and knives - even fake ones - to make a political point is stooping to Bob's level.

Anna said...

I think there's something of living and dying by the (plastic) sword about it.

Sanctuary said...

And where are all the forks? A thousand unmarried knives is exactly the sort of unnatural society Family First warns us against.

Hugh said...

I think there's something of living and dying by the (plastic) sword about it.

Well, that's rather what I meant by stooping to his level. If Family First wound up because of these sorts of protests, could it really be called a victory?

Anna said...

Heartily agree, sanctuary. It's not what nature intended. Next thing you know, knives will be getting together with other knives, and who will think of the spoons?

The ex-expat said...

I don't understand it either. Odd.

libertyscott said...

Yes I find Family First rather vile, but this sort of threatening political activity is moreso - wingnuts have a right to peaceful use of their own property.