Thursday, 23 October 2008

It's raining menz

Courtesy of Luddite Journo I stumbled this evening across the MENZ. That would be Masculinist Evolution New Zealand, in case you haven't been hanging about in the men's rights activist parts of the interweb lately.

And boy oh boy is it a strange place. Luddite Journo highlighted the post of Justin Harnish, candidate for the Republic Part of NZ in the fine seat of Wellington Central. Mr Harnish would like a Ministry of Men's Affairs, an end to child support, and no more Family Court. See Luddsie Jay's post for more intriguing detail.

I had previously neglected to email our survey to the Republic Party candidates (laziness strikes again), so if you'll excuse me I'll be off to rectify that now.


Lewis said...

For the record, the Republic of New Zealand Party has no association with the Republican Movement.

Hugh said...

Yea I know of at least one member of the Republic Party who's a raving, salute the Queen's picture monarchist.

Luddite Journo said...

Good to see we'll soon be hearing from the R of NZ Party re: gender equality. Look forward to it.

Liking too the shortening of my name to "Luddsie Jay". Pretty sure that could catch on, particularly if I develop my white girl rapping style. At home. While I'm alone. :-)

Anna said...

Are these comments actually part of the R of NZ party manifesto? Who are these guys - actual republicans?

I once contacted MENZ to get some info for an undergrad essay I was writing. They recorded me on a strange database, listing me (wrongly) as an academic - without telling me why or asking my permission. Is was slightly odd and gave me the willies a bit, probably because of the anti-woman vitriol they like to engage in.

I do quite a bit of white girl rapping myself, usually about native birds.

Julie said...

Thanks for that clarification Lewis, I was wondering about that.

As to whether or not we hear from Mr Harnish or his colleagues in response to the survey time will tell. Certainly they have been given the opportunity. There are surveys scheduled ahead at this stage until the middle of next week. I'm hoping more will come in over the long weekend as candidates have some time to catch up on their correspondence.