Monday, 17 November 2008

New Cabinet Open Thread

Not sure what time today Key will announce his full Cabinet line-up, but the speculations to date are a bit light on the woman front.

So far we know (due to support agreements with the Maori Party, United and Act):
  • Heather Roy (Consumer Affairs, Assoc. Defence, Assoc. Education)
  • Rodney Hide (Regulatory Reform, Local Govt, Assoc. Commerce)
  • Tariana Turia (Community & Voluntary Sector, Assoc. Health, Association Social Development & Employment)
  • Pita Sharples (Maori Affairs, Assoc. Education, Assoc. Corrections)
  • Peter Dunne (Revenue, Assoc. Health)
All of the above will be Ministers outside Cabinet.

Speculations on National Cabinet Ministers are:
  • Anne Tolley (Education)
  • Tony Ryall (Health)
  • Simon Power (Justice & Commerce)
  • Chris Finlayson (Attorney-General)
  • Murray McCully (Foreign Affairs)
  • Tim Groser (Trade)
  • John Key (Tourism, plus the usual PM stuff)
  • Bill English (Finance, Infrastructure)
  • Wayne Mapp (Labour)
Plus Lockwood Smith for Speaker (what size hands do you need for that job?).

So thus far we have one woman from National, and another two from other parties. We already know that there will be 28 Ministers in total. Judith Collins is conspicuous by her absence from speculative lists, and I think surely Georgina Te Heu Heu would be in there. Edith reckons Pansy Wong could be Immigration.

Feel free to comment here about your thoughts about what the Cabinet might look like, in particular in relation to the proportion of those outside the dominant demographic. And as time overtakes us and speculation becomes reality I hope to get back and update this post with the full list, but I've got a busy work day today so that might not happen.


homepaddock said...

The higher number of men in National's line up is partly due to a hangover from pre-MMP days because most are in safe seats.

Whatever the make-up of cabinet today, John Key has said publicly that some appointments will not be for the full term.

That's to give him an opportunity to refresh the ranks before the next election and that means some of the longer serving MPs (all of whom are men) will be expected to look for a life outside parliament.

Judith Collins has been on most lists, though not in welfare, Paula Bennett has also been mentioned.

Hugh said...

I hear Sandra Goudie might get into Cabinet.

Anna said...

Does anyone know anything about Paula Bennett and her background? She's landed herself a big responsibility in the form of Social Development and Employment. I'm just relieved it's not Judith Collins in that role.

The ex-expat said...

Anna - she's a westie urban maori and a (former) teenage mum. But before you get too excited she worked for McCully at one stage during her career.

Anna said...

I just saw her on the news, and I have to say she was very personable. This could mean a) she's personable, or b) she'll be the friendly face of ghastly reforms. I'm hoping for the former.

homepaddock said...

I've met Paula several times and am very impressed by her intelligence and compassion.

Stuff has a profile on Paula:

There's also a profile on the TV3 website.

The Bewildering Case of Ms Enid Tak-Entity said...

I've met Paula Bennett, at the same ethnic meet & greet where Jackie Blue made a prat of herself. Yes, Bennett's pretty likeable, intelligent and gutsy, and has done her time on the DPB in West Auckland - from talking to her I suspect she and won't be bennie-bashing in the personal, ignorant way we've seen in the past from the Nats. Just in a more subtle, structural way, possibly. As I'm no longer drunk, I think Pansy is only going to get Ethnic Affairs (...uh ...yay).

Anna said...

What did Jackie Blue do? I'm intrigued.