Monday, 1 December 2008


November was a pretty big month for us - we had our biggest day ever (November 9th, the day after the election) when we cracked 1000 page loads in a day for the first time.

Anyway, a few stats for those who pretend to be interested...

November 2008:
Posts: 91 (average of 21 a week)

Comments: 562 (average of four most commented posts: [32+31+27+29]/4 = 30)

Most commented on post: My post on Silver Linings (32 comments) the day after the election just pipped Anna's (Mis)using the haka (31 comments), although the most commented on post should really be one that went up on the last day of October - Anna's Halloween: some musings got 37 comments, 35 of which were made in November.

Guest posts: 2 (The Womanly Art of giving birth by Pauline, and The Not-So-Secret ballot by katy)

Page loads: 16,970 (566 a day)

Biggest day: November 9th, 1102 page loads

Unique visitors: 10,393 (346 a day)

Thanks to all those who are reading, linking, and writing here, long may it continue!


Anna said...

Most of the comments following my posts tend to be my own - I'm not sure that counts!

The ex-expat said...

Why is it that it is always some non-topic like halloween (no offence to the post Anna) that stirs up so many comments.

Anna said...

No offence taken, Ex-expat - I've wondered the same thing. I guess 'lighter' topics are just more accessible than the more hard core political/economic/policy ones!

Julie said...

From past experience I'd say that with the more "serious" posts many people are probably reading and nodding and thinking "good point" but aren't driven to comment. Whereas when people disagree or have a personal anecdote to share they are more likely to leave their mark. :-)

Often I've found the posts that are in the most popular list for visits have hardy any comments at all, if any. Certainly during the election survey I noticed that many of them were getting lots of hits but no comments at all.