Friday, 5 December 2008

Do some men just never grow up?

From the ODT

Central Otago hostel owner Phillip Anderson filmed his female guests for a year through a two-way mirror he installed in their bathroom, a court has been told.

When he finally felt remorseful about what he was doing, he ripped the camera out and destroyed the tapes -- except for a two-hour highlights package which he watched during pornography evenings with a friend.

Seriously eww.

There are times when I really don't understand men. Why the fuck they do such things? It's the sort of shit I expect from teenage boys who really don't have a clue a girls but these are grown men who should have gotten the memo that secretly filming women in the shower is not only weird and wrong but also isn't going to get you laid.


Lucyna Maria said...

That's just totally revolting.

However, given the societal acceptance of pornography, not such a leap for men to go from obtaining it through normal channels to making it for themselves. It's just a step along the continuum with the "minor" matter of consent getting in the way.

Anna said...

Really interesting point L-M. Pornography is condoned (whatever you think of that as a feminist), and voyeurism not just accepted but rife, eg Big Brother.

Brett Dale said...

It's disgusting what this guy did, I really hate stories like this.

I am against censorship if everybody involved are consenting adults, but when there is no consent it should be treated more seriously.

lovestitches said...

Thats what he calls remorse? What a cop out excuse. This is up there in a similar way with that drunk driving doctor who tried the alcohol in the hand sanitiser excuse - total b.s. and an attempt to dodge full responsibility.

Hugh said...

Brett, this isn't a censorship issue.

Brett Dale said...

I know its not a censorship issue, another poster bought up the issue of pornography though.

This guy needs a jail sentence and I think there should have to pay monetary compensatio to his victims.

Anonymous said...

"There are times when I really don't understand men. Why the fuck they do such things?" - Shouldn't "men" read "perverts" in that sentence. Why are all men tarred with this guy's actions in your view?

I am male. I have never made a surreptitious video recording of a woman in a toilet, nor have any men I know (including my brother, father, grandfathers and all my male friends) nor do I ever intend to make such a recording. In fact, I find the whole thing completely revolting.

I also don't get the comment about "growing up". Nobody I know ever did this sort of stuff as a teenager. I didn't spend my golden years sniffing around women's toilets.

Hugh said...

Strawman, anon.

It's true not all men do these things. But no women do them.