Monday, 15 December 2008

Quick hit: (Dis)arranged marriage foiled

I have no problem with arranged marriages where both parties are keen on it. People get married for all sorts of reasons all the time, not just Twue Love, and frankly if they're happy it's their business, and not mine.

Fooling someone into flying to their home country then holding them against their will so you can marry them to a stranger because you've heard they have a Hindu boyfriend? Not cool.


Brett Dale said...

You have no problem with arranged marriage?

Is that because its mainly a hindu thing?

If a part of white western culture had arranged marriage would you still not have a problem with it?

Julie said...

Arranged marriages do happen in white western culture. People get married for all sorts of reasons, and as long as they are both into it I don't see why it's anyone else's business in most cases.

There seems to be this perception that everyone who has ever had an arranged marriage was wed against their will to a stranger, when that's far from the case for many these days. Arranged marriages can be done without exploitation. Of course they aren't always, but they're not wrong by definition imho.

Anonymous said...

Arranged marriages have long been standard in Japan too, though I see from Wikipedia that only 25-30% of current marriages would be as a result of the traditional process of arranging marriages. Arranged marriages certainly aren't the same as forced marriages! (katy)

Azlemed said...

some religious groups in western society arrange marriages between their members. a cousin of mines marriage was arranged through their church, and it has worked for them.

forced marriage is totally different, it is normally not the choice of the women involved, and often is done using force. quite different to arranged marriages.

the radio marriages would be classed as arranged too... and they seem to be oked by many people.

Hugh said...

Really, when you think about it, all marriages are arranged, unless they're totally spontaneous, Dan Akroyd style affairs