Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Family First climb into our vaginas again

I shouldn't be surprised that the people who don't want sex ed in schools would get pissy about advertisements that promote a new scheme by the Auckland DHB that enables pharmacies to dispense free morning after pills but it still makes me angry.

I'm angry because the best way to avoid having this scheme in the first place would be for a comprehensive and age-appropriate sex ed curriculum from the word go and freely available contraception. But I'm more angry because contrary to Family First's (an the Ministry of Health for that matter) opinion it isn't just slutty girls that need access to the ECP, woman who have been raped might also welcome access to it as well.


Alison Grant said...

Family First climb into our vaginas again

That is going to give me nightmares for a month.

Anonymous said...

or, as in my case a few years back, you might forget to take the pill for two days because you were unwell, and then have unprotected sex with your monogamous, live-in partner, and didn't want to have a baby because it wouldn't be responsible at that particular point in time.

I was in Melbourne, and it was available from a pharmacy :)

Anonymous2 said...

Or, another permutation of Anonymous' problem - you were using condoms and the condom fails.

Hugh said...

it isn't just slutty girls that need access to the ECP, woman who have been raped might also welcome access to it as well.

And more to the point, what's wrong with the behaviour set that attracts the 'slutty' label?

Anonymous said...

Yes but I'd be willing to bet that a party that doesn't want sex ed in schools secretly thinks that rape victims 'asked for it'.

Azlemed said...

i am in a monogamous relationship, and if i needed to i would want this option to be available to me... I am lucky that if i did get pregnant its not an issue, but i still want that choice.

Family first need to grow up and face the reality that sex ed is necessary and that absitnence is not the answer.

Anna said...

I'm with Hugh on this one - distinguishing between slutty and non-slutty users of ECP worries me because it plays into FF's arguments to some extent. There are good public health/welfare reasons to be concerned about women having repeated unprotected sex, but the morality of it is their own business, and certainly not FF's.

The no sex ed thing never ceases to bemuse me - it reminds me of my aunt once telling me about a girl she knew who was terrified she was pregnant after holding hands with a boy. Why would you want to inflict that sort of anxiety on kids by depriving them of basic biological knowledge?