Friday, 30 January 2009

Get job (or at least a grip on reality)

The New York Times has a lovely piece on the silent victims of the recession, the Girlfriends of Bankers who even have their own blog.

Priceless gems include:

God you are so 24 where a mistress gets pissy that her Banker boyfriend isn't taking her to the Caribbean because has to fire 20 people.

Goodbye city life where a banker finds that his girlfriend is so keen on heading back to the midwest.

But perhaps the best of all is the buy american where the girlfriend of the banker is outsourced to a Russian hooker. Priceless.

My advice for these ladies is the same, get a job to finance the lifestyle to which you wish to become accustomed to but I suppose that would be asking too much.


Anna said...

This is undoubtedly stupid - but you also have to wonder why the editors have chosen to publish it. It fits rather nicely with derogatory stereotypes about women as vain, self-indulgent shopaholics ... and frankly, most of us aren't! (Unless you count boring shopping, like groceries!)

anna c said...

Yeah... I'm in two minds. It made my day, I really appreciate the laughs, but the 'God, You're So 24' to me reinforced the idea that middle aged men really need their money and young women are really only concerned with frivolity, and by extension only really need pin money, all they have to worry about is a loss of extravagences.