Sunday, 25 January 2009

Quick hit: More on Rachida Dati

Big thanks to reader Kimberley for emailing me to point out this at the Guardian about Dati's shift from Minister of Justice to standing for the European Parliament. Most of the article is about the politics of it all, although it does talk about her controversial approach to working motherhood too:
Dati's lack of maternity leave prompted controversy in France earlier this month. The Socialist politician, and former presidential candidate, Ségolène Royal accused Sarkozy of bullying by giving Dati no option but to return to work for the announcement of a key justice reform, which he had scheduled himself.

The birth put Dati back on the front pages and is likely to boost the public popularity of the 43-year-old single mother, who will not name the father of her child.

Dati is reported to have adapted rooms at the justice ministry for the baby, and her sisters are helping with childcare. Bernadette Chirac, wife of Jacques Chirac, told the press that Dati was breastfeeding.
Readers may recall I got rather het up about Rosemary McLeod's recent column about Dati being a "man-mother".


Anonymous said...

A female politician in France? Of course she has to be a 'man-mother' to get ahead! As a single mother she probably wouldn't relish the possibility of unemployment so she'll do what she has to for her child. I say good on her for doing what she has to and still managing to breastfeed too. I have seen Rosemary McLeod in person and I would hardly call her the most feminine person around so she should bite her tongue.

Hugh said...

Lovestitches, do you think of France as an unusually sexist place? (As opposed to, say, New Zealand?)

Anonymous said...

Hugh, not if you're comparing it to NZ but I definitely do think of France as, to a large degree, and definitely politically/bureaucratically (sp?) being a country where it's easier to get ahead as a man. It's just my opinion based on the very little I know.

Azlemed said...

Its interesting how Sarskosy (sp) seems to be now trying to sideline her, its like hes decided that shes not necessary to his political career anymore so off she goes.... or maybe its thats shes shown shes a woman by having a baby.

From the little I have read she sounds like a very interesting woman

M-H said...

Um, excuse me, but what does Rosemary McLeod's 'femininity' have to do with anything? That is an extremely sexist comment, Lovestitches, or maybe I have misunderstood what you meant by it. I thought that feminists had deconstructed the idea that women have to be 'feminine' to be acceptable a very long time ago.